Lease Your Audi SQ7 in Great Neck

More goes into buying an Audi than picking out the model you want. While buying a luxury Audi SQ7 lets you take advantage of the powerful V8 motor and remote parking assist, you also need to think about what color you want and how you'll pay for it. Here at Biener Audi, we have on-site financing that takes some of the guesswork out of your purchase. Conveniently located near Port Washington, we offer both online and in-person options.

To Buy or Lease?

One of the big questions you need to ask as you picture yourself tooling around Great Neck in an SQ7 is whether buying or leasing is the best choice. When you lease an Audi, you get lower monthly payments and flexible terms, including the down payment you make and how long you keep the SQ7. Leasing also allows you to either buy the car at the end of your plan or exchange it for a newer Audi model.

Many people in and around Nassau County prefer buying to leasing. While the down payment and monthly payments are often higher, you will find no restrictions, such as how many miles you can drive. You have the freedom to paint the car and customize it any way you want to make it stand out around Queens. Buying also helps you build equity in your SQ7.

Our Finance Center

Our finance center helps Audi lovers around Long Island pay for their dream cars. The SQ7 has a virtual cockpit that puts all the important buttons within reach and Audi MM touch response that responds to the commands you make with the touch of a button. Getting a new SQ7 is easy because of all our financing options. Stop by today to see how quickly we can get you into an Audi SQ7 for.

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