When you shop for a new car, there are various engine types from which to choose. Gas, hybrid or TDI diesel engines are the main options for consumers, but here in America, some car shoppers are unsure about purchasing a vehicle powered by diesel. However in Europe, the diesel engine prevails. Why? It offers higher fuel efficiency, more power and less of a carbon footprint.

A diesel engine sports a greater power density than traditional gasoline, which means that a gallon of diesel fuel has about 15% more energy than a comparable amount of gas, and combusts more efficiently in the engine. Highly engineered TDI diesel engines use more advanced technology for better acceleration. They may be costlier at the outset, but they offer greater savings and performance in the long term.

Audi has pioneered TDI® clean TDI diesel engines to deliver more torque, lower fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions as compared to equivalent gasoline engines. The result of this revolutionary engineering delivers remarkable performance while achieving increased fuel economy.

Unleash the power of an Audi TDI diesel engine! Come into Biener Audi in Great Neck on Long Island to test drive an Audi outfitted with a diesel engine today.

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